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Policies and Terms of Use

The Ingalls Library is a non-circulating art research collection intended to assist visitors with research needs that cannot be met by local public, university, and college library collections. Visitors are expected to complete the Patron Registration Form and this Policies and Terms of Use Agreement, and to abide by the stated policies with respect for the rights of others and with respect for the collections. Failure to do so will result in loss of library privileges and removal from the library and the museum. Access to the Ingalls Library and Museum Archives is granted at the sole discretion of the library and archives’ staff and such access may be denied or revoked at any time.

Library Use Policies

All briefcases, book bags, backpacks, etc. must be checked at the museum’s north entrance lobby coat check. Only coats, loose personal papers, books, laptop computers, purses, and umbrellas may be brought into the library. Wet and damp umbrellas should be stowed in the umbrella stand by the restrooms.

Library and archival material may not be removed from the premises. Personal materials are subject to search upon leaving. Anyone who removes materials from the Ingalls Library without authorization will lose all privileges and may incur a fine and any replacement costs for the material.

Please turn off or silence your cell phone while using the library. Cell phones may be used in the stairwell on floor 2R.

Food may not be brought into or consumed in the library. Lidded beverages may be consumed in the Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears Reading Room, Ellen Wade Chinn Seminar Room, and library lounge on level 2R. Beverages are not allowed in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Library computers may be used by registered library visitors for art research only for up to thirty minutes.

Library visitors are expected to use personal laptop computers for long-term research and personal needs while in the library.

The use of personal scanners is not allowed in the library.

Do NOT mark pages, use Post-It notes, or write on library or archival materials.

Museum Archives Use Policies

The Director of the Ingalls Library and Museum Archives determines the collections that are available. Some archival collections are restricted or permanently closed to researchers.

Researchers must request collections using call slips. Archives staff retrieve materials as needed and available.

Researchers may use one box of records or one folder of oversized material at a time. Please return material to reference or circulation staff before requesting another box or folder.

Researchers must use pencil for taking notes.

Researchers may be asked to wear cotton gloves or wash hands prior to handling certain types of materials.

Materials MUST be kept in the order in which they are found within each box and folder.

Reproduction of archival material is at the discretion of the Director of the Ingalls Library and Museum Archives.

All copies will be made by staff. Do not remove items to be copied. Instructions for flagging items to be copied will be provided.

Citations should acknowledge The Cleveland Museum of Art Archives and note the collection name, box number, folder title, and date.

Online Databases

The United States Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of copies of copyrighted materials. The person using the databases offered here is liable for any infringement.

The following are general restrictions on the use of the electronic databases. Others may also apply. Please request information from the Director of Ingalls Library about restrictions associated with specific databases offered by the library.

All visitors to the library can access the museum’s collection of electronic resources when using one of the stationary computers in the library or when connecting to the museum’s Wi-Fi network on a personal device.

The databases are also available to staff members and affiliates of the museum who have been officially granted access to the museum’s network even when not onsite. These users may access the electronic resources on museum-issued devices via VPN and on personal devices via their EZproxy login.

Copies of data from the databases may be made as long as they do not contain substantial or significant segments of the databases.

Databases may be used only for non-commercial purposes, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, research, study, teaching, lecturing, and scholarship. No part of the databases may be transmitted over the Internet.

It is your responsibility to observe the legal use of copyrighted data or information. Abuse of these regulations and policies will result in immediate withdrawal of all ID and password access privileges, loss of library privileges and will be reported to the academic authorities or other appropriate authority. Visitors to the Ingalls Library and Museum Archives agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Cleveland Museum of Art, its officers, trustees and employees, from and against all claims or actions arising out of or related to such visitor’s (a) use of library or archived items; and (b) violation of this use agreement or any of the rules or procedures of the Ingalls Library or Museum Archives.